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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Welcome to (Optimus) Prime and Prejudice!

Hey everybody, The Mike here. Welcome to (Optimus) Prime and Prejduce!

The purpose of our site (OPP, for short!) is pretty simple. We are four friends who - in our own ways - love movies, TV, horror flicks, sports, video games, music, pop culture, Iowa State University (our alma mater), funny You Tube videos, and generally awesome things (plus, The H-Bomb loves Jane Austen movies and Narcosleepy loves Transformers....hence the title). The point is, we want to share that stuff with you.

Check out our staff bios on the side bar, and sign up to follow OPP for a slew of fun posts from our very different yet entirely stupendous minds. Oh, and leave us comments too. Though most of us are new to this blogging thing, we're here to party!

Cool beans?


The Mike said...
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Jinx said...

Best blog name ever!