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Saturday, August 14, 2010

In music news......

It was recently announced that the title of the new Weezer album is going to be Hurley, paying homage to the character on Lost. And who will be gracing the cover of the new album, but Jorge Garcia! Here is what Jorge had to say:

"How awesome is that! It totally put a smile on my face, to say the least. It ranks right up there with getting my own action figure."

Jorge also gave some insight as to how this all happened. He met Rivers Cuomo backstage at the George Lopez Show and asked if he could take a picture with him. Jorge added:

“And then two months later I get an email from my manager saying, ‘Listen, Weezer contacted us and they want you to be on the cover of their new CD…I thought that was really cool.”

Super Cool!! Here is the cover:

Quote of the Day

I tend to think of action movies as exuberant morality plays in which good triumphs over evil.

Sylvester Stallone