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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

My boss seems to think that my hair is gonna fall off & go into the ice cream. This hair ain’t movin’ my dude. 150mph on the highway on a street bike… it doesn’t move! What makes you think it’s gonna move in a gelato shop?

-Pauly D

10 Year Old Singing Sensation!!!!

I Don't Understand Sometimes

There are a few things I understand on this planet. I understand how to be a student as I have been a college student for around a decade now. I am sittin here, right now as I type, watching Jersey Shore. I just don't understand why in the world I love this show. I am breakin' down laughing so hard at these cats.

In any given night this show is on, you can guarantee the words grenade, land mine, situation, gym, tan, and laundry. Also, you can count on a vicious fight between an on and off again couple. This is classy TV. One person calls the other word the b-bomb (or biatch), then the other person leaves cuz they are extremely sad and pouty. Following this barrage of swearing, booze is sipped and dancing is exchanged...As I am watching now, the words "Bronx Zoo and hyena" were just used as they are tossing around a fake boob that reminded one of them of a "chicken cutlet." I frickin love this show, for the shear mindlessness that it produces. As I am sitting here giving you a play by play of the action, I don't really have to even think about what to write about.

So, in honor of the Awesomeness of Jersey Shore and delinquent behavior...I am giving myself a nickname. I am thinking "The Exclamation." I'm that long extended line with a dot under it that makes any statement scream with both meaning and enthusiasm. I am the same level of the punctuation you need to use when you want to yell. If you want to really scream via can type in all caps and have many so...BOOOOYYYYYYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Notice me...all those exclamation points after booya...notice how I am putting the awe in awesome. I am the grammatical tool you use to proclaim all that is righteous and "bangin."

In closing, I have no idea why or how I even like Jersey Shore...but Damn it is hilarious.

Narcosleepy Out