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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October Horror Movie of the Day #5 - Dawning

The Film: Dawning
The Director: Gregg Holtgrewe
The Cast: Jonas Goslow, Najarra Townsend, David Coral
Release Date: TBD

One of the great blessings of the internet is the chance to stumble upon things - in my case, usually horror films - that you'd never have found otherwise.  Such was the case with Dawning, a fabulous independent horror that's currently making the rounds at film festivals around the globe.  While the film waits for distribution, I was fortunate enough to have been given a look at it a few months back - and it instantly became one of my favorite horror films in recent memory.

The film's low-budget and independent background are evident, and could provide a hurdle for viewers who are used to mainstream entertainment.  But when you really get into the film - in which a family is reunited in a remote Minnesota cabin and terrorized by an unseen force and a babbling wanderer - you realize that it speaks from the core of horror cinema.  This isn't a film about killing for the sake of killing, nor is it out to trick the audience into being on edge.  It's the kind of film that, quite frankly, wants to get under your skin and make you shiver.

Across the board, the film is a fine achievement.  Writer/Director Holtgrewe has put together a production that feels like a classic horror show, and the actors offer realistic performances that, for the most part, work well.  The film's technical aspects were most impressive to me, specifically the sound effects - which truly seemed to capture the creaks and bumps that can enhance terror in an uneasy situation.  The film uses the tense relationships between the family to add to the drama, and things definitely boil over in the final act. 

I've been thinking more and more about Dawning for almost seven months now, and I can't see it not winning over horror fans everywhere when it does make its wide debut.  I assure you, I'll be one of the first to let you all know when Dawning might be available in your area - because this is the kind of horror film that must be seen.  In the meantime, check out the film's official website and the trailer below!