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Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to The Biff Tannen Museum!

Yes, we all love Back to the Future as a trilogy.  It goes without saying.  But personally, I've always had a very soft spot in my heart for the second film in that series.  Yes, it's mostly filler that bridges the gap between the future and the past and the distant past, but as a child in the '80s the film's inventiveness (Hoverboard, anyone?) and vision of a stylized future made my young mind race like a German's does when they see David Hasselhoff.  And, if you're like me, you still vividly remember the harrowing footage of the alternate future in which Biff Tannen, using the sports almanac that he brought back in time to himself, has become the richest man in Hill Valley; owning his own tower and the Biff Tannen Museum within. 

Now, 21 years after the film was released, someone who knows someone who was family with someone who worked on the movie has brought forth the full footage of the welcome video that was shown outside the Biff Tannen Museum in the film.  Never before released on any home version of the film, this three and a half minute clip nicely fills the gaps for anyone who wants to know the full details about Biff Tannen's rise to power.  Click below, and gaze in wide wonder!