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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Optimus Crooknie

So here you are, probably bored out of your mind at work looking to be entertained. Well, look no further than this awesome piece of literary/scholarly genius. If you were to combine a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie into one delicious treat (probably named a crooknie or a crownie), it would be like pretty effin awesome. Well, that is what this blog is all about, combining all that is awesome into one place of pimpage. Optimus Prime and Prejudice may very well blow your mind…like not a standard mind “blow” but like one of those mind blows created when Optimus Prime rises from the ashes to smoke some Decepticon scrubs.

Now, onto the topic at hand. The H-Bomb felt it necessary to post some shenanigans with this Mr. Darcy picture. For those of us with wieners, we know that is bull s#!t. Optimus Prime has a gun the size of Mr. Darcy. All Mr. Darcy does is talk in a British accent and say words like immensely and unequivocally yes. Optimus Prime doesn’t hide behind fancy accented rhetoric, he transforms from a huge balls on semi into a robot that head shots douchepticons like Lee Harvey Oswald. OOOOOOOhhhhh, look at Mr. Darcy’s fancy trench coat and suavish 18th century hair. Once again…OPTIMUS PRIME = HUGE EFFIN ROBOT OF JUSTICE. Mr. Darcy = questionable teeth arrangement while being guided by a scheduled tea time. The only thing to make Pride and Prejudice better is Optimus Prime (or zombies). The only thing to make transformers worse is Mr. Darcy.



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This is exactly why this blog needed to happen.

Narcosleepy said...

Figured I would bring the heat