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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Twilight news.....

Rumor has it that Summit Entertainment is looking at the possibility of making The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner in to a feature film.  It would be released after Breaking Dawn.  Here is what is being said about the project:

"It goes without saying Summit want to continue this franchise… Tanner is the one they're looking at post-Breaking Dawn… It's too early to talk casting, and everything we're hearing is just speculation or off a wish list, but I don't believe they plan on using the original actress, Jodelle Ferland, for the spin-off film. It's all about numbers and names — you guys know that."

I was surprisingly pleased with Bree Tanner and would like to see it made in to a movie.  Thoughts?!?

Trip Review-Disney World

During the last week in August, my husband, brother, and I ventured down to Orlando Florida for a week of fun.  Our week of fun included Universal Studios (Harry Potter Park… inner geek totally came out!), a day trip to Cocoa Beach, a fan boat ride in the Everglades to see some ‘gators, and of course Disney World.  If you have never ventured to Disney World, it is a must!  We stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for our week long stay.  We had the convenience of Disney picking us up from the airport and transportation to all of the Disney Parks.  We went on so many fantastic rides, it would be hard to pick just one as my favorite, so I decided to pick 10!!! If you are thinking of going to Disney in the near future, here are some musts! 
10.  The Great Movie Ride (Hollywood Studios)  This 22 minute ride takes you smack dab in the middle of some of the greatest movies of all time.  From Casablanca to The Wizard of Oz to Alien, you feel you are right in the middle of the movies.  It is a must for movie lovers!   Being  an air-conditioned ride, it is also a great retreat from the hot and humid Florida Weather!
9. Soarin (Epcot) Strap in to your seat and get ready for an adventure!  This ride flies you over the great state of California.  With the wind blowing in your hair, and the smells of salt water and pine trees blasted at your face, you really do feel like you are hang-gliding over Cali!
8. DINOSAUR (Animal Kingdom) Hop in to a CTX Time Rover and race back in time to capture a dinosaur.  Beware of the hungry Carnotaurus!  This bumpy fast ride is slightly scary and definitely not for youngsters.
7.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom): Hop in to a train and ride through the Old West town of Tumbleweed.  This fast and fun and fun ride is great for those that love the speed of coasters but not necessarily the height and drops of a traditional coaster.
6.  Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom):  The “Godfather” of log rides, this almost 5 minute long ride is what many amusement parks model their log rides after.  Your log takes you leisurely past scenes from Disney’s 1946 film Song of the South and then plunges 52 ½ feet at the end!  You are sure to get wet from this drop!
5.  Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom): An oldie but goody-jump in to a mini “spaceship” and blast in to space.  This fast, jolting, roller coaster through the dark, is worth the wait if the lines are long!
4.  Test Track (Epcot):  Hop in to a “GM car” and go through all the  obstacles/stages of testing a new car.  At the end of the ride, the car goes over 60 mph on the test track.  If you are in need of speed, this is the ride being the fastest ride at all of the Disney Parks.
3. Rock N Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios):  This coaster takes you from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of seconds!  It is a coaster that is completely indoors that goes upside down and all over while the music of Aerosmith blares in your ear.  A total heart pounding good time!
2.  Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios):  This 13 story ride takes in you the elevator of a haunted hotel.  It takes you up, lets you view one of the floors of the hotel, and then drops and rises you at an extreme speed in the elevator shaft.  Not for the faint of heart!
1.  Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom):  This thrilling roller coaster, takes you up and through Mt. Everest, in attempts to get away from the Yeti on the mountain.  If you love coasters, especially ones that go backwards, this is a must.
These are only 10 of the fantastic rides at the Disney Parks.  There are so many rides worth checking out, I could go on and on.  If you are not one to ride rides, then the shows are just as great.  There is truly something for everyone at Disney World!!