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Monday, October 25, 2010

Music of the Day-Willow Smith

Here is the video of 9 year old Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith) singing her song Whip My Hair that has apparently taken the world by storm (and I am not sure why)!

October Horror Movie of the Day #25 - Frozen

The Film: Frozen
The Director: Adam Green
The Cast: Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell
Release Date: March 25, 2010

I went in to this movie thinking it was going to be a snowy on land version of Open Water, a movie I was not so much a fan of.   I was pleasantly surprised about how much I actually enjoyed this film and how much it made me think.    It was refreshing to have a horror film with no bad guy(s).  It was simply an intense story of man vs. nature.

The film takes place at Mount Holliston, where three young skiers (played by Emma Bell, Shawn Ashmore, and Kevin Zegers) don’t have enough money for ski lift tickets, so they bribe the attendant for reduced price tickets.  At the end of night they beg this same attendant for one last run down the mountain.  As they are going up the ski-lift the attendant has to step away.  With the replacement not knowing the skiers are on the lift, he shuts it down.  Not only was it shut down for the night, but would not be open until the following weekend.  With blizzard like conditions, freezing temps, no food or water, and hungry wolves below, the skiers find themselves having to make life or death decisions.  Do they freeze to death or try to get down from the ski lift?
It made me really think of what I would do if I was stuck in a ski lift.  Would I jump or stay put?  Being a situation that could potentially happen to someone in real-life really put the scare in me (minus the wolves…that was a little unrealistic)!  This is a movie I would say is definitely worth a view!