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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Introducing the Phrobi!!!

Watch out Snuggie!  The latest in the wearable blanket craze is the Phrobi-"The Ultimate Cozy Blanket Robe That Keeps You Warm From Head To Toe And Has Your Back!”

In case you were wondering where it is exceptable to wear this, the website offers some suggestions.

“Because it's stylish, you can also wear it out to many occasions such as dance parties, sporting events, boating excursions, evening bbqs, music festivals, camping, beaches at night, first dates, bar hopping, walking to class on college campuses, dropping your kids off to school, rooftop gatherings, you name it!”

I'll admit to being a Snuggie owner, but I think this is doing a little too far!!

Uwe Bolls Blubberella Trailer

You will have to watch this for yourself.  I have no words...............................

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle solved with one letter=craziness!!