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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quote of the Day

"She's really old. I think of her as an old friend. I mean an old friend. But listen, she's got moves you wouldn't believe. She’s totally flexible in the hip area. Her arms are stiff, but the hips? Totally flexible."

-William Shatner on Betty White

Movie of the Day-You Again

Great casts don’t always make for great movies, so I went in to You Again with an open mind.  The cast of this film is great and the trailers made it looked like a cute film, but I tried not to get my hopes up.  I luckily was pleasantly surprised.  I probably won’t end up buying the film, but definitely don’t feel like I wasted my time or money.

The plot of the film is pretty simple.  Marnie, played by the fabulous Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars, is bullied in high school by a beautiful Joanna, played by Odette Yusman.  Marnie vows to make something of herself after high school, grows out of her geekiness, and becomes a VP of  PR firm.  Marnie goes back home for her older brother’s wedding and finds her brother is marrying her high school bully Joanna.   Marnie sets out on a mission to show Joanna’s true colors before it is too late.  The cast is rounded out with some great supporting players including Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Victor Garber, and Betty White.

The film had some really hilarious moments, but not enough.  With all of these great comedic actors, I didn’t feel like I laughed as much as I should of.  The film also had some really dark moments.  The bullying moments of the film at times were almost too intense.  I found myself getting down during a movie that was supposed to be fun and lighthearted.  With that being said, the positives did out weight the negatives, making this film worth a view!

Man v. Food in Ames, IA!!!!!!!!