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Friday, February 18, 2011

Transformers 3

So, as many of you know, I am an uber huge Transformers nerd. I have loved the series since I was a child and I have a massive collection of vintage toys (some of which I still play with today). The first movie had me excited at what could be. The second movie, well, that was just plain awful. Outside of a solid forest fighting scene, there was nothing to that movie at all. Just thinking about Transformers 2 kind of upsets me. Jetfire was not old in the glory days. He was a bad mother, shut your mouth, I'm just talkin about Jetfire. And I have no idea what was with the ghetto twins either. I can't believe they killed Jazz for those two dweebs. The other thing that made me mad was the "hot chick" at Sam's school that was a pretender transformer. LAME.

With this rant in mind, you can see why I may have a few concerns regarding the direction of the third flick. They've tried killing Optimus Prime know Michael Bay is going to do it again hoping we would forget. Now that the matrix of leadership is gone, which by the way was completely worthless in the second film, I'm not sure what direction they are going to go in. The villian, which was just confirmed to be Shockwave from sources, simply makes me mad. Watching the Dark side of the moon trailer, I thought for sure they were going to rock a Alpha Trion angle (which was one of the original transformers forged by the creators). I am still hoping that what we saw in the teaser was Alpha Trion. I can tell you this, if what I saw was Shockwave, my nerd rage will be through the roof. I mean, the vintage Shockwave was purple (cuz he was so awesome) a glowing yellow eye, a frickin gun for a left-hand, and oh yea...he turned into a flippin cannon. If all we are going to see is "hot busty chicks" oogle over Sam (which is confusing) and some random transformers, I am at a lost cause for this series.
To you fellow transformers fan, get ready for a junk shot I'm thinking (assuming you have the "junk" apparatus) because this flick could suck as much as a Uwe Boll flick.

Narcosleepy out