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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greatest thing ever filmed in Iowa: RV Man

Hey, it's me, Holly. I'm like a hydrogen bomb of greatness, so you can think of me as The H-Bomb. Being our blog has just started, I deem it appropriate to post something that would pay tribute to the great state we hail from....IOWA! As I racked my brain of what I could post, a few of the things came to mind: corn, cows, pigs, farmland, silos, Iowa State Cyclones, John Deere tractors, the butter cow, etc. And then it hit me, what would be more appropriate than Winnebago Man!

Yes! The famous Jack Rebney! And what does the angriest person on the planet have to do with Iowa? Well the famous video was filmed here in Forest City, a smaller town in the grand state that grows corn and not potatoes. I realized most of you are part of the 20+ million fabulous people that have seen this....but what the can always watch it again! So would you do me a kindness and watch the video?

Let's face it, nothing really awesome happens in Iowa. We can say that Field of Dreams was filmed here, but almost 3o years after the movie, even we are tired of searching for Moonlight Graham and building it. "He" never comes. What has lasted you ask? Mother effin' WINNEBAGO MAN. With his new documentary out, Jack Rebney deserves two giant thumbs up for filming the greatest viral internet video of all time. If it weren't for the creators of the Winnebago promotional video hating "the angriest man in the world", we would have never have been introduced to this legend of a human being...and Iowa would be a blip on the entertainment map.

So here's to you Iowa...for pissing people off with High temperatures, flies, and large sized motor homes.

By the way, Iowans, Winnebago Man opens at the Varsity Theater in Des Moines on August 6th!


Joe Monster said...

That video awoken me from my zombie-like stupor. Thank you for the laughs!

The H-Bomb said...

You are welcome! It always puts a smile on my face!