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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday: Is it our downfall or our salvation?

I'm a dude.  I aspire to reek of beef and cheese, and occasionally get the unnecessary urge to kill something.  So, it's with much confusion that I present to you the newest cyber craze to hit us all....someone called Rebecca Black singing something called Friday.  You've been warned.
Reactions to this song, which has been played at least 26 million times on You Tube (LITERALLY), have ranged from "Worst. Song. Ever." to "Why is she getting up to catch the bus at 7:00? My bus comes at 7:00!" - but the one thing we can be sure of is that Rebecca Black is somehow now leading a Black Plague of some sort.
While I must say that the Worst Song Ever people are a little harsh (Sheryl Crow's Soak Up the Sun still holds that honor in a devastating sleeperhold), it kind of amazes me how....well...ridiculous this little song is.  Really ridiculous.  Even if it is fun fun fun fun fun fun.....  (And is she really 13?  Hell, none of us did anything that was seen 26 million times when we were 13, right?)

If nothing else, I gthink we should thank Rebecca Black for taking the spotlight from disasters like tsunamis, nuclear reactors, and Charlie Sheen.  Well done, RB...I guess.  

Has she infected your brain yet?

"Zombie Burger" Restaurant Des Moines.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting, via the Des Moines Register (Seriously never thought I'd type THAT) that a new restaurant called "Zombie Burger + Drink Lab" will be birthed in the grand metropolis of Des Moines, Iowa.  What?  You've never been to Des Moines?  Oh man, you've never lived!  (Just kidding, it sucks.)

I'm sure the idea of a zombie themed restaurant has you salivating, unless you're like me and are ENTIRELY SICK OF THE STUPID ZOMBIE FAD.  (Romero did it right, Shaun and Zombieland spoofed it well, and the Italians made it gross yet awesome.  That's it.  No one else has made zombies appealing to me, there, I said it.)

Fear not, Squeamish Steves & Susans, because the people behind said restaurant are promising a) the "quintessential" American flat burger and b) that they'll "deliver on the food side, but not so much on the visuals of zombies".  In other words, it's a restaurant called Zombie Burger...without zombies.
You really want to ruin THIS with zombies?
I don't get it.  And I'm one of the eight Iowan horror fans - which would kind of be the place's target audience.  Will I check it out to see if they prove me wrong?  Of course.  But for now, I'm skeptical.

What say you, our loyal AustenBots?  Would YOU eat at Zombie Burger?