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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday: Is it our downfall or our salvation?

I'm a dude.  I aspire to reek of beef and cheese, and occasionally get the unnecessary urge to kill something.  So, it's with much confusion that I present to you the newest cyber craze to hit us all....someone called Rebecca Black singing something called Friday.  You've been warned.
Reactions to this song, which has been played at least 26 million times on You Tube (LITERALLY), have ranged from "Worst. Song. Ever." to "Why is she getting up to catch the bus at 7:00? My bus comes at 7:00!" - but the one thing we can be sure of is that Rebecca Black is somehow now leading a Black Plague of some sort.
While I must say that the Worst Song Ever people are a little harsh (Sheryl Crow's Soak Up the Sun still holds that honor in a devastating sleeperhold), it kind of amazes me how....well...ridiculous this little song is.  Really ridiculous.  Even if it is fun fun fun fun fun fun.....  (And is she really 13?  Hell, none of us did anything that was seen 26 million times when we were 13, right?)

If nothing else, I gthink we should thank Rebecca Black for taking the spotlight from disasters like tsunamis, nuclear reactors, and Charlie Sheen.  Well done, RB...I guess.  

Has she infected your brain yet?


Anonymous said...

Downfall! Downfall downfall down down DOWNfall! This is the ruination of humanity as a whole and will lead us all down the fire and brimstone road of damnation for all eternity! Rebecca Black IS the smiling, vacant black heart of the Anti Christ!!

I'm sorry, does that sound biased?

And after she sees her friends, I will swear to my dying day she is saying "chicken in the front seat, bacon in the back seat". Which, if she is, makes this a somewhat better song, because I would kill to have a car loaded with meat.


The Mike said...

You make a compelling argument against the song, and for the car full of meat. I can dig it.

Thanks for reading!

Drunketh said...

With lyrics this horrible, it can't be that bad. ;) Seriously, this song is as addictive as pickle juice.

Box Office Boredom said...

For what its worth, I can't quite figure out why she is worried about which seat she should choose if she's getting on the bus, or vice versa why she has to get to the bus stop if she's riding with her friends?

The song needs a sequel- I need to know- WHICH SEAT DID SHE CHOOSE?

As for the song, terrible, but no worse than Soak Up the Sun or that terrible "Jar of Hearts" song the radios are currently plugging.

As for what she is really saying, might I offer up the Bad lip readers interpretation? They also agree it has something to do with chicken!