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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's up with Quasar?

A few days ago, I spieled a little bit about my relationship with comic books and the heroes therein, while covering the fact that Mark Ruffalo (who The H-Bomb totally loooooooovvvvveeeeessss) would play The Incredible Hulk in The Avengers. In said post, I mentioned that I grew up loving the ideas of the heroes more than the actual heroes, because I only had like 7 comics growing up. Well, I checked the pile of comics, which I still have, and found that one of those 7 books featured a fellow by the name of Quasar.

The issue in question is the 25th issue of Quasar, and also was the 7th part in a 7 part series called "Cosmos in Collision". In it, it appears that Quasar is fighting a dude named Maelstrom, but the battle is actually between Infinity and Oblivion, and these two are simply their avatars. These aren't blue, tailed, horny, James Cameron Avatars....they're just normal avatars. Anyway, they battle inside a black hole and there's talk of kinetic motion and turning things inside out and it's to the point that even the Watchers, led by Uatu, can't control what's going on. I had more faith in you, Uatu.

My understanding of Quasar, built through this issue and the joys of Wikipedia, is that Quasar has control of Quantum Bands that give him cosmic powers, and basically make him the guardian of the universe. The gems on the bands let him control cosmic forces, even giving him the ability to overpower the likes of Silver Surfer. I dunno about that, if this were my battle royale then Norrin Radd is probably coming out victorious.It should be noted that, when this comic would have to me, I'd have been about 10 years old. And considering how little I understand about Quasar after thumbing through it now, I can see why I never remembered Quasar from my childhood. Heck, there's even one part of the story in which Quasar himself, whilst listening to the debates between Infinity and Oblivion, states that he can't understand what's going on! And he's supposed to have Cosmic Awareness!

In researching what exactly Quasar is, I've found that some call this "the best cosmic epic published by Marvel". And, maybe if I'd read 7 parts and understood science, I might agree. Today, I'm more confused than anything. So here's to you Quasar....because I completely forgot that you existed in my childhood. Your scenes were cut from my memory's personal movie, because I just don't understand you and science.

One good thing....this issue did have a cameo appearance by Galactus. I LOVE MY GALACTUS. More on that in the future......

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