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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mark Ruffalo and The Incredible Hulk?

One thing you may not know about The Mike is that I'm a major geek when it comes to movies based on comic books. Growing up in a small town/on a farm, comic books weren't an every day thing. I still have the about 7 comics that I read and re-read as a kid, which didn't do much to quench my thirst to be an awesome superhero myself. (For the record, I would totally have chosen to be The Thing from The Fantastic Four. Invulnerable, super strong, huge? Fugghedaboudit.) I did have a slew of Marvel and DC action figures that were passed down from a cousin, and did fall quite in love with Iron Man (mostly because he had the same colors as Iowa State's sports teams).

After F4 and Tony Stark, my favorite dude has always been The Incredible Hulk, even though he wasn't in any of the comics I had growing up. (She-Hulk was, and remains super hot to me.) So when info about The Avengers movie info came out this week, I was left with one concern. Mark Ruffalo?

Don't get me wrong, I like Ruffalo a lot as an actor. Not as much as The H-Bomb, who loves the pee out of him, but I'm rarely opposed to him in a flick. And I know they're gonna model the CGI Hulk in the flick off of Lou Ferrigno (pictured above), but still, I gotta wonder: How are they gonna deal with his hair?

As you can see below: Mark Ruffalo is what Will Ferrell might have called a "curly headed flunk". At the very least, he generally does something goofy with his hair.

(I will say, that last picture looks slightly Banner-esque.)

On the flip-side, The Hulk's hair is no-nonsense. It's a mop. I've never seen him with curls. The thought of it is completely ridiculous to me. I mean, just look at him.

So yeah...about that. I like Ruffalo, and I love me some Hulk action...but I'm totally gonna be wondering about that hair for a long time.

What say you about the team of Ruffalo and Hulk?


Narcosleepy said...

Ruffalo could be a weird choice. The hair debate...Im with you on that The Mike, this could be an epic fail hair CGI.

The H-Bomb said...

I heart Marky.