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Monday, August 2, 2010

What Would You Do?

Here's the situation (not the stupid jersey shore dude), you have a huge budget to film any movie you would like. You can choose 2 actors to star in your film. The big question is: who would you choose?

I have been racking my brain around this one, and I think I have come to a decision. The choice of my actors depends on the script I have and the overall flavor of the flick. For me, I have to go Sci-fi horror. A huge film I love is Event Horizon, and I would love to capture something along those lines. The first actor I would love to cast in this movie is Cillian Murphy. What he brings to the realm of Sci-fi horror is immeasurable. He brings a natural creepiness and a versatility that can match any scene, whether it be a comedic or suspense scene.

The second actor I would love to bring in is Richard Jenkins. He brings in general awesomeness at the current moment. I love his acting style. In the film The Visitor, Jenkins delivers a serious performance that captures a widowed college professor in both believability and essence (in terms of human nature). I think he could balance very well with Murphy while delivering and amazing performance.

So, what actors/actresses would you choose and why?

Narcosleepy Out


The H-Bomb said...

Richard Jenkins rocks me socks off! He totally needs to play James Taylor in a biopic!

Narcosleepy said...

You know who would play H-Bomb in a flick??? Natalie Portman. You know who would play The Mike in any movie, Jason Statham.

The Mike said...

Christopher Lee, before it's too late, has to be my #1 pick. Then, Kurt Russell.

Also, not sure if I like my twin playing Holly...If anyone, Natalie Portman should play me!