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Monday, August 2, 2010

Que Cera, Cera (Whatever Will Be Never Existed)

Y'know science, you're really starting to make me mad. I come home from work, all content with the world, and what do you do? You open your frickin' yapper and tell me that, apparently, the triceratops never existed.

Seriously! What's your problem, science dudes? You could be fixing cancer, or creating time machines, or figuring out why dust never accumulates on remote controls. BUT NOOOOOOO! You decide that you need to go out and "prove" that the triceratops was actually a younger version of some other dinosaur whose skull changed over time. I declare shenanigans.

Isn't there something else you could be up to that doesn't ruin The Land Before Time and all 57 of its sequels for generations of kids who freakin' love dinosaurs?

Y'know what science....if you were a dinosaur, I'd classify you as the velociCRAPtor. Just try to tell me this beast ain't real......
Peace, I'm out of here.

1 comment:

Narcosleepy said...

This indeed also pisses me off