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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best Picture Nominees

And the Best Picture Nominees are.............

*Black Swan
*The Fighter
*The Kids Are All Right                                        
*The King's Speech
*127 Hours
*The Social Network
*Toy Story 3
*True Grit
*Winter's Bone

I would say there are no big surprises here.  I just wish the Academy would go back to five nominees.  Ten nominees really takes away from the prestige of an Oscar nod. It is all just a ploy to bring more box office money to more movies.

My prediction is that Social Network will take home the statue this year for Best Picture.  It seems to be the trend at awards shows this season.   I, personally have only seen six of the ten at this time, so can't specify a personal favorite yet.  I will have to say I am really excited to see The King's Speech.  I will blog about my favorite as soon as I have seen all ten. Please feel free to post any favorites or predictions you may have!!!  For a complete list of nominees visit  The 83rd Academy Awards air February 27th.


Emily C said...

I've only seen three so far- Black Swan, Winter's Bone and The Social Network- of those three I enjoyed all, but Black Swan was my personal favorite. I really have to see the rest at some point soon- I sucked at seeing current movies this year!

The Mike said...

I think my list thus far would go 1. Social Network, 2. 127 Hours, 3-5 (too close to call) Black Swan, Inception, True Grit. Haven't seen the rest.

Narcosleepy said...

I've seen all these flicks except The King's Speech, True Grit, and Winter's Bone. I was surprised by The Figher, but I don't think it is best picture worthy. I am thinking that The Social Network will win, though I have 127 hours as my favorite. Watch out for David Fincher winning best director, although Darren Aronofsky will probably win.