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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cyclone Football 2010

Yesterday I tuned in to watch my beloved Cyclone Football Team take on one of, if not our biggest, rivals in football, the Iowa Hawkeyes.  My hatred of the Hawkeyes runs deep.  I will tune in to an Iowa Hawkeye game and root for the other team.  I constantly talk smack to Hawk fans at work and I can literally feel a pit in my stomach when I think of the Hawks.

Being the optimistic person I am,  I went in to yesterdays game with high hopes.  My prediction:  21-17 Cyclones.  I could not have been more off.  With a senior quarterback that has progressively become worse from his freshman year, there was not a prayer for the Cyclones.  It appeared that not a single Cyclone player decided to show up to Kinnick that day, with proof being the final score of 35-7.  The only seven the Cyclones scored were in the 4th quarter against what was most likely Iowa's 4th string players.

After the game, I sulked for a few hours and decided I needed to pick myself up.  This is only our coach's second season.  I have to give him time to build.  I also had to think of the happy times of the past: aka the victory over Nebraska last year at Lincoln on my wedding day.  It made me smile and gave me hope for the Cyclones' football future.  In closing, the Hawks still suck!

Check out the video below of the Cyclones post victory at Lincoln last year.  It will make your day brighter!

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