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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Ode to The Other Guys

I remember, a younger and dumber me, naive to the way of the Ferrell.

Lost was I, lost amongst the nerds without a herald.

I remember, a Caucasian rapper, resounding psalms with good vibrations.

His bunch was funky, thank god for the Boogie Night sensations.

I saw this flick with two cops, a Brit, and a wooden gun…

I smiled, I laughed, oh man I had so much fun.

Keaton blew my brain with TLC references…

Eva Mendez blew my mind with huge bouncing convexes.

Not much plot but for this I don’t really care…

For Will Ferrell merely had to be there.

This flick was fun but don’t expect too much or you will pout…

Just know that Narcosleepy is 10 kinds of Clutch and...

Narcosleepy's Out

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