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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IMDB goes Mobile! (aka, The Mike Can Leave His Apartment And Feel Safe!)

OK, maybe it won't display EXACTLY like that (my guess is that somebody f'd up the word "nikto"), but IMDB has finally released its own mobile website ( for phone-based browsers.

This has long been one of the biggest thorns in the side of movie nerds, or at least in the side of a movie nerd named The Mike.  But really, we've all been there.  We're with friends, watching whatever we're choosing to watch, and someone goes "Isn't that the guy from Trog?" or "Where have I seen that detective before?".

Now, I've long been a big fan of what I call "the phoneternet" - I actually went about two years without actual internet thanks to it.  But for some reason, IMDB has never made that transition to this awkward medium of information sharing that I've grown to love.  So when those questions come up and the laptops aren't handy, or when you're arguing over who played the Predator in that 1987 classic (No, it wasn't Jean Claude Van Damme, alright!  He dropped out of the movie and was replaced by Harry himself, Kevin Peter Hall.) at dinner, it was difficult to get to the info.  Wikipedia was the easier source to use, too!  And they're totally not as reliable as IMDB!

Now, despite what appears to be a toddler version of the mobile page, those questions can be answered with a bit less frustration.  Thus, we say thank you to you, IMDB!  You've made the world a better place for nerds and cinephiles everywhere, and you've made us as excited as that weird chick from Harry Potter!

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