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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Head Shots and Knife Throws

Hey, it's me Narcosleepy. I have been thinking about some pretty prominent things lately. These ideas include the meaning of life, who am I, and why do I love Head Shots and Knife throws so much? The last one has been keeping me up at night lately.

I begin by first noting the large plethora of head shots in movies recently. As a social scientist, I like to define my concepts. So, by head shot...i mean a friggin' bullet through the head. The head shot was fairly common in zombie flicks, but now has made it's way into action flicks. And I have to say, every time I see a head shot my fist pumps and I pull out "the trucker pull" both in the theater and at home. Sadistically, I laugh out loud when a bullet decaps someone, or someone takes a 12 gauge to the skull. Call me twisted, but nothin says awesome like a sniper head shot when you least expect it, like when a soldier is talking to another soldier then PUSHKAT...that soldier has a hole in the head and blood flailing out their helmet. I blame Halo and Call of Duty for this reaction. I think what I love the most is the fake blood that sprays from the skull...or a see through hole straight through the diencephalon. Also, the sound effects associated with these head shots resembles the noise made when a pumpkin hits the ground and explodes

Now, I turn to the knife throw/sword stab. My love for the knife throw/sword stab dates back to Highlander. Now, I am not going to talk about the Gandhi like awesomeness of Highlander here, as that will happen soon...but sword decaps are pretty much the opposite of euthenasia. I mean...when you are chillin' with some dude friends, and some cat decaps some scrub with a sword...the only thing to do is high five and fist pump. You become jovial, and the machine gun sprays of fist pumping grandeur makes everyone happy. Due to films like Rambo, knife throws in various bodily organs/structures has become awesome. Back in the day, giant knife throws to the chest was the bees knees. Nowadays, you aint cool unless you are takin' a dagger into an eyeball, ear drum, frontal lobe, or throat. Also, the sound effects accompanying any good knife throw may very well cause you to laugh so hard that you will possibly seizure, cry, or soil yourself. The only thing to to eleviate such jocund is to high five, fist pump, leg kick, or point one finger to the heavens and say thank you G Man. head shots and knife throws...I say thank you for ruining several pairs of underwear.


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R.D. Penning said...

SKKOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK!!! Damn it Narco! Now you have me even more excited for Halo: Reach. If you don't buy a copy and play with me then I will Nancy Kerrigan your ass!!! Great articles though. Keep them coming.